Historia tangara Sonia

When I arrived in Trancoso it was love at first sight ... Trancoso is a magical place, wherethe Bougainville a bloom with more intense colors and the sea water glistens! My priority isto preserve the cradle of Brazil!



TrancosoWhen taking my morning walk along the deserted beach to Rio da Barra, (these momentsof solitude are a luxury we can still enjoy in Trancoso), I imagine the emotion of Cabral, arriving to these shores with his squadron in April 1500.

 I feel that my excitement is story that runs in the blood. I often joke that I I’m a cousin of the Pataxós the first locals. With my ancestors coming from the equerohy, another indigenous group farther south in Bahia, I never lost sight of my focus and my Brazilian roots.

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I decided to baptize my little pousada “Tangara” , the bird named by the Tupi indians. As I adore birds and all aspects of nature, I feel privileged to have chosen his beautiful turquoise bird perched on a full moon to crown my life project. Within this tropical climate of Brazil between fireflies, rainbow and butterflies I invite you to be my guest and share with you this little bit of paradise.


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